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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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First AF since MC and D&C

Hello Ladies,
im new here and this is my first post

on Dec 9. i miscarried at 12 weeks and had D&C 2 days later

3 weeks later i ovulated but almost missed it, only tested because i had ewcm on the 31st of December it showed my peak day i had no symptoms.

had my first period on the 11th of January it lasted 3 days (normal) i was glad i was back to my normal cycle

the next day i had the curiosity to test my ovulation an it was negative.
and i had the same feeling today, so i did and there it was. positive ovulation test! 2 days after AF i am so glad i went with my gut feeling because i would have missed it again

long story short, my younger sister was ttc at the same time i was so we could try conceive together she got her bfp on sunday, so im hoping this is my week for my rainbow baby and we can be 3 weeks apart

good luck to all you mummas out there and i would love to hear from anyone that has had d&c and conceived a healthy bub after or anyone who has ovulated so soon after AF

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I had a D&C in November of 2014 (but my pregnancy was actually ectopic so it was unnecessary) and I believe I was able to TTC again the following February. I didnt conceive with my son until June of 2015 though

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