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High Risk in Subsequent Pregnancies?

Hi ladies,

I'm on my 4th pregnancy, with 2 healthy kids at home. My second pregnancy I had a 2nd tri loss. For my 3rd pregnancy, resulting in my DD, I was referred to an MFM clinic and monitored weekly.

Now I'm pregnant again and I'm wondering if I will be referred to the MFM again. I will bring it up with my doctor at my next appointment, but I was hoping to find out what others have experienced.

On the one hand, I feel like I should go again as, though the reason of my loss was listed as chorioamnionitis it was unclear as to how and when I got the infection (i.e. before or after I went into labour at just over 17 weeks), so maybe the medication and monitoring I received with #3 made all the difference. On the other hand, maybe my loss was a complete fluke and I'm being overly cautious.

Has anyone else been in this boat? Were you high risk again?

What would you do?

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