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Does the Anxiety ever go away?

I had a scan this morning (due to on and off brown spotting) and saw a beautiful baby with a beautiful heartbeat measuring perfectly at 7+5. (Iím anywhere between 7+2 and 8 so itís spot on).

But after losing my son in the second trimester last year I donít have that same sense of relief any more that you get when you see the heartbeat. I was happy and kind of relieved this morning that everything is heading in the right direction, but as the day has gone on the anxiety has just crept back up again.

I just hope that everything stays okay. But I canít help but feel naturally scared about this whole thing. My son passed away 2 days after a scan showing him with moving around and being his active self, so I know anything can happen and just because Iíve had a good scan today it doesnít mean anything.

I know I have to stay positive and I really am trying. I just want to enjoy this pregnancy as it is my last.

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nope, I canít say it does!
I wish sometimes I could be naive enough to not have these worries, too. But the truth is knowing how real it can be youíll never stop worrying, and itís not just pregnancy, with each day/week/trimester then thereís labour, newborn stage, and as they grow. Heck even when theyíre adults weíll still be on pins if we havenít heard from them etc.

Itís part of being a parent, just got to take each day as it comes. Since were in the same due date group hopefully we both are gonna gain our little rainbows and we can help each other through day by day. Here for you

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amytrisha is right, it doesn't. the worry changes and takes on different forms, but it doesn't go away.

are you going to be monitored more closely this time, due to your history? after our 2nd tri loss, I was referred to a specialist for high risk pregnancies and monitored weekly throughout 2nd tri. it really helped to break everything down into 1 week intervals; I just had to make it to next week's scan instead of going a month between check ups.

I also got a Doppler for at home and would check in whenever I was nervous. that's not for everyone, but I found that it helped give me peace of mind and I always had it in the back of my mind that I might not find it right away so I managed to not work myself into a panic.

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I am praying things go well with you and your baby this time. I wish I could say that the worrying stops but now that my kids are older and married, I have found I just have more to worry about-daughter in-laws, granddaughters, and still my sons. I think a mom will always worry about the family. You just have to keep busy and keep your mind occupied otherwise it drives you crazy trying to control the things that are not in your control.

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In my case, in definitely did. It just takes a bit of time. I found for me that once I got past the point when I had a mc (11 weeks) and I started to feel movement, that I felt confident and relaxed again. So a previous loss doesn't have to be a dark cloud over your whole pregnancy. Obviously with a 2nd trimester loss, you will have a lot more time to think and worry until you get further on and may start to feel a bit better. But I would like to think I'm proof that a new pregnancy can be very healing. This one certainly has been for me. Hope you do start to feel a bit better soon and congrats on your pregnancy.

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I just found out I'm 5/6wks. I lost my last one at 8w. I went to Babies R Us today to look at stuff but I practically broke down instead. I'm scared! I'm afraid to be happy about it.

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