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Am I pregnant again ?

Okay, so here's my story. I'm 17 and I've had two miscarriages in the last 6 months. One September 21st (blighted ovum, medically induced miscarriage) and another January 21st (natural miscarriage). I began spotting dark brown blood Tuesday, January 16th( no need to wear a pad or a liner ) . On Wednesday I went to the ER because i had dark brown bleeding ( enough to fill a panty liner in a 4-5 hours ) but was scared because of my previous miscarriage , and then had bright red bleeding after a Vaginal Ultrasound ( which never stopped ) , had a few tiny clots and passed my baby Sunday, January 21st Since then I had no more pregnancy symptoms and my HCG levels were going down. The bright red bleeding continued until Thursday, January 25th then it became dark brown light spotting ( no need to wear a pad or liner ) and ended completely on Friday, January 26th .Which was the same day the my SO and I had intercourse , we had sex in the shower and I began spotting bright red after I had a orgasm which barely filled the inside of a pad that lasted 3-4 hours after we had sex and I have not bleed since. We had sex all weekend ( January 26th - January 28th ) I threw up twice have been nauseas on and off and been having headaches ad mood swings ( sad for no reason , wanting to cry , angry, burst of happiness and energy, CRAZY HORNY ) and have been felling " pregnant " like how I did when I first found out I was pregnant also I can not stand the smell of or smoking a black and mild which was another lightbulb because that is a normal pregnancy symptom for me also I've been taking my prenatal still to help my hair and nails grow. We've also been having sex from the 30 till today (February 1st). Is it possible to be pregnant again this fast ? Going to get my levels tested again tomorrow .. Please help !! I was also smoking weed and I got drunk Saturday but i'm done smoking and I'm not a drinker I just got drunk for the heck of it ...

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Hi, first of all Iím sorry for your losses.

Itís highly unlikely for you to be pregnant enough to be causing symptoms in just 6 days. Iíd wait 4-6 weeks and see if you get a period.
Your hormones can be a bit whacko straight after a loss so that could also be a factor.

Good luck

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