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Due in January...?!

My first pregnancy was fine until I had to be induced at 37+4 for low amniotic fluid.

Second pregnancy miscarried at 8w. He/She wasn't growing. I lost it the day my son turned 15mos old in 2014.

I have not been able to get pregnant since. Until now! And all I feel is scared. I'm afraid to be happy.

My menstrual is irregular but never more than a 36 day cycle. I'm now at 38; no cramps, no signs of a period at all. When I should have been PRE-menstrual I was very emotional, crying about everything, high anxiety; worse than usual. It felt like I had an inflated balloon in my lower stomach. Breasts feel fuller but not tender. Today I'm having thick egg-white-like mucus.

So my tentative due date according to all the sites and apps is January 22.

I went for a routine exam on Friday and was sent home with paperwork stating my pregnancy test was positive. No one told me! So, I go back tomorrow for another test.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm also due in January with a rainbow baby

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Just wanted to say Congratulations!!! Iím in my second trimester after two losses. Wishing you both a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

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