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Holy guacamole, Dairy!!!! That sounds hideous!!!! I am so glad that you and little Rodney are okay.

Yeah, I'm here, and I'm pregnant again. I actually am delivering this one via repeat planned c-section one month from today, at 38 weeks, due to my thin uterus. We've opted to stay on team green, and we're very excited!

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Hope everything is ok for you TTC & there are no emergencies - I don't know very much about it, is that the itch? I see you're 35 weeks though so baby is good to come soon if needed.

Congratulations Wookie, I must have known you were pregnant too but had forgotten; how exciting that you only have a month to go!

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ttc-It was NOT fun and it was a good thing I didn't see that dr again after the delivery because I'd likely have given him a piece of my mind. It was the worst labor and delivery I've ever had. Then afterwards, the drs and nurses kept giving me bad news about baby boy's sugar levels and we got transferred to the NICU. I was sleep deprived, sore and aching terribly from my delivery, going thru major hormone swings, pumping around the clock so my boobs hurt as much as my belly and bottom, and I was suddenly being shuttled off to a city hospital 1.5 hours from home where I'd be stuck without anyone else to help me for an unknown amount of time. I NEVER want to go thru that again. If we have more kids, I will have more monitoring at the end of my pregnancy and I am having a note put in my L&D notes from the dr that if I come in at a 4cm complaining of horrific pain, that 1. I'm to be admitted and given an epidural as soon as I request it, and 2. call the dr to come in ASAP because I go from 4cm to complete VERY fast. So fast that my babies are now being born without pushing...

And congrats on your LO's impending arrival! I know having cholestasis isn't the funnest thing to have happen but you'll be holding your little one sooner so it's not all bad, right? I'll be popping in for updates and I can't wait to hear that baby is here! And if your bubs ends up in the NICU due to coming a bit early, know that it's likely not going to be for long. We were there for nearly 3 weeks because Rodney's sugar levels wouldn't stabilize but in that time, we saw at least 3 preemie babies go home after just a few days to a week long stay.

Squig-Congratulations! I saw your hpts in your journal and those are some pretty good lines you got going on there.

Wookie-not long now for you too. We've not found out before delivery and I love it. Sometimes I wish I knew sooner but honestly, it's so fun to hear what your baby is at the end.

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