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Early GYN appt at 5 weeks?

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in December 2011 and now I'm PREGNANT AGAIN after just one menstrual period (this would have been my second). I'm barely 5 weeks (5w2d today) and have a doctor's appointment on Monday. The told me it was good to come in early since the last one was MC. Any idea what they might do?

I understand that they MAY be able to see a heartbeat at 5 weeks? That would be SOOOO great and would relieve SO much of my worry!

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They MAY be able to detect a heartbeat, BUT it isn't common, so don't worry if they can't. What the transvaginal (not ultrasound) scan should show is the sac and fetal pole, plus making sure that the egg is implanted correctly. The doctors should also run Hcg blood tests (not just one, but a few over the next week) to confirm the pregnancy. Then, they will tell you to relax and hopefully, everything will go well in this pregnancy!

best wishes

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I had mine at 6 weeks. They did the internal scan. We saw the baby, yolk sac and that it was in the right place. We could even see the heart beat! Good luck!

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