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I'm due 14th Feb with number 4 our others are 6, 4 and 2 in a few months.

Nice to see others having their fourth baby

We had a mc before our third so I'm still feeling really anxious and worried. I've only just stopped testing!

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Hi ladies hope u r all well. I'm getting bit fed up of this sickness feeling and so tired .. Hopefully pass soon don't know about u ladies but I'm also getting fed up with people's , well some people's reactions when they find out we have number 4 on the way., like are u mad? And another one ! ? Really starting to annoy me we have quite a big gap between numer 2 and 3 so this baby is so our youngest has a little friend to grow up with just wish people would mind there own sometimes !! If I only had one they would find fault with that.. And people will also say .. How old are u now ? Sooo annoying , think it must be hormones making me feel it so much .. Oh just says let them get on with it and ignore it.. I just feel like the next comment is gonna get it ha x sorry for vent ! Lol

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