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Due Date 18 Oct 17 Anyone Else?

Hey ladies,

Wanted to see if anyone else was due around 18th Oct share our symptoms etc

I haven't really had much i have had a headache for the past few days which comes and goes and also feel so bloated.

Waiting on my first app with the midwife but they dont want to see me until im around 7 weeks which feels like a life time to wait

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I have my first doctor appointment on Wednesday, so all I have right now is an online calculator EDD based on when I think I ovulated, which gave me October 17th. The thing is, I could be off by a week or two because due to lots of weddings coming up this spring & summer, we were "taking a break" from trying. Oops :P I'm super excited to finally be pregnant, but we already waited over 2 years. We could have waited another 2-3 months, right? lol

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Hi! I'm due around the 13th of October I think. I have my first transvaginal US this friday. Yesterday I had a terrible headache that started with an ocular headache, and sore bbs every day since BFP. I feel so bloated after every meal lol. I was only nauseas one day, no vomiting yet. Sometimes I'm dizzy. I really want more symptoms so i can feel more pregnant!

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