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Homegrown: I know how you feel! I have 0 energy, which really sucks when DS1 wants to go play outside.

Went to my doctor appointment yesterday and they informed me that I do have the option of a C-section. FiancÚ and I talked about it last night and we're going to go ahead with the surgery. The doctor said the baby has pretty wide shoulders and there's a good chance that he could get stuck. I'd rather have a bit longer of a recovery time than have anything happen to the baby, so I just called them and let them know. They said they are sending everything to the surgical coordinator and that she will call me with all the information in a little while. They want to schedule it asap since I'm already 39 weeks and they don't want to risk me going into labor.

What really annoys me is that none of the doctors mentioned we had a choice until yesterday! I go to a group of doctors and we rotate which one we see every appointment. Apparently they all just thought one of the others had mentioned it, but no one did until I joked that I wasn't against having a C-section yesterday. The doctor looked at me and said, "Well, you do know you have that option, right?".

Uh, no. I didn't. Then he went into all the reasons why I did have the option and said that he would have recommended a C-section if this was my first baby, but since I had already done it before, it was completely up to me. He said that it really just depends on who you want the risk to lie with - me or the baby. Uh, me!

So yeah, anyways, just a little rant. Hopefully they can get me in tomorrow! The timing would really be perfect.

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Old Aug 16th, 2018, 13:21 PM   322
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Has everyone had their babies? I feel like I'm the last one! Got about 3 long weeks ahead of me still and I'm trying not to fuss about it, but I'm completely miserable. I finally bought a maternity belt, which I get tomorrow, thank goodness! The front weight is adding so much pressure to my back, pelvic girdle and just about every nook and cranny in between. I literally cannot wait to have my little guy here!

Doctor said that everything is looking good, I tested positive for the strep B, so that only added a teensy layer of anxiety. Still haven't packed my bag, have most of the essentials of what I want to take with me; just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. It's almost as if subconsciously it's not time just yet. Once I start packing it, it won't be too much longer after that.

Saturday is the ever anticipated baby shower, which was moved to my MIL's house this past weekend, due to the volume of people that ended RSVP'ing and getting invited after DH and I's knowledge. So not only are we hosting this, but we now are putting family up in our house. I'm holding my breath until this weekend is finally over!

I get my last growth scan on the 28th, I can almost bet that my little guy is going be in the 9lb range. August 1st he measured in at 6lbs 14oz; with a 1/2lb-1lb a week from here on out, I don't foresee him to be any smaller.

Hope everyone is well!

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I hope your shower goeswell Homegrown! Sorry that you'll have to play hostess to house guests you weren't anticipating.

You're brave not packing your bag yet! I think I packed mine between 35 and 36 weeks. I was trying to get everything prepared enough in advance that I wouldn't need it until closer to 40 weeks, but that didn't work for me.

Cullen is still only about 7lbs. Today is his due date. I wonder if he would have reached 8 lbs if he stayed in until full term. I swear he's pooping or spitting up everything he's taking in!

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