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[Example] Pregnancy Chat, MSN & Text Buddies - Due December 2008 - UK & Other

I'm 10.4 weeks pregnant currently in the first trimester

My EDD (estimated due date) is 2nd December 2008

I live in the UK... {anymore info you want to put here}

Pregnancy, Chat & MSN Buddies
Would like some pregnancy buddies within UK &/or other countries who are due around the same time as me to chat & compare symptoms with - forum buddies & MSN buddies (I do not have Yahoo).

Text Buddies
UK &/or other countries - Depending on time I could text the one I am more than likely to going to wake up - would prefer two buddies (1 within UK & 1 in another country).


I will update the following lists when I have found my buddies!

Pregnancy, Chat & MSN Buddies
  1. -
Text Buddies
  1. -
  2. -

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