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waters breaking

Just had my 38 week check up with the midwife - who said I have a textbook baby ( i.e in exactly the right position for my dates, correct movements etc)

Anyway - back to my point! - she said that it is a common misconception that everyones waters break, and actually around 15% of pregnant ladies waters break unassisted. Of those, around 95% are because their baby is back to back ( like mine) so you are really unlikely to have your waters break if your baby is not back to back.

Plus, she said that if back to back, then the first part of labour tends to last longer.

Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule - but I thought this was useful! - so ladies with back to back babies, it is very likely that your waters will break with a gush! - apparently!

Oh,and she also kept saying - 'oh, you are not going to have a nice small 6lb baby are you' as she was feeling my tummy!

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I hear this about waters too but I know lots of people whose waters went on their own (me included) often in hospital, but without the crochet hook being involved,lol.

I was told I was carrying an elephant sized baby with my second but in fact he was only 6lb 11oz so hardly large!?! but he was long so I guess thats where the assumption came from.

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I think i'll be rather dissapointed if i dont get the gush of water lol...

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Mine went just as the nurse was about to examine me to see how much I was dilated because I don't think she thought I was actually in labour. All over her hand. It was pretty funny.

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My waters broke in a gush (kinda) naturally. I was sitting at home on the computer and got up to get something to drink. It was like I had a really full bladder and was constantly peeing my pants. My baby was facing the way that he's "supposed to", too. I've never heard that before, but I'll have to remember it this time around.

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my first was textbook, facing the right way and she came bang on her day to lol, my waters went as i settled down in bed to watch forrest gump
my second, they broke them as she was brow presentation and wasnt even engaged and hadnt even moved down, i just had contractions, will see with this one eh lol

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Brooke was back to back and my waters broke by themselves, my mw said that this is because when back to back the position thatt he baby is lying in puts pressure on your waters thus making them break, usually early or very near to on time

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