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Old Dec 25th, 2016, 21:41 PM   31
Mum (Mom)
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I had to go on clomid, but with my daughter I was pregnant within the first 3 months. I just found out I am pregnant, and it was our first try. I was 36 with daughter, now I am 38.

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Old Mar 24th, 2017, 16:19 PM   32
Mum (Mom)
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When 35 it took about 6 months with our first child.

This time, we had sex once in the entire month...! I am currently 39.

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Old Mar 24th, 2017, 18:59 PM   33
Mum (Mom)
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With DS I was 3 weeks shy of my 35th birthday and we conceived him our first cycle trying.

We started trying for #2 last month and also conceived the first try, but then I had a chemical.

We weren't trying this month and were planning to wait until May or June but we dtd once before ovulation and now I'm pregnant again. I'll turn 37 in May.

I keep reading scary things about how fertility takes a nosedive once you turn 35 but I haven't found that to be the case at all! Even more ironic because when I was 30 we tried for a year and a half and nada.

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Old Mar 26th, 2017, 03:19 AM   34
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About a year, though did have a mmc after 3 months trying initially

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Old Mar 29th, 2017, 05:14 AM   35
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I fell pregnant right after DS3 gave up breastfeeding (but lost that one) and this one is about 6 months on after the miscarriage had completed. I'm 40.

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Old Apr 1st, 2017, 21:17 PM   36
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This is my third and i know when my fertile window wasand it took three months of trying before it stuck (with some positive preg tests before that)

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Old Apr 2nd, 2017, 12:08 PM   37
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When I was 32, and took me over a year, and 4 Clomid cycles. 9 months after my first was born, we had a surprise bfp, and I had my son at 36. We were ntnp, and had sex once the whole month, about 4 days out from my ovulation...I'll be 39 in July.

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Old Apr 5th, 2017, 16:08 PM   38
Mum (Mom)
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4 months of trying. I am 35, turning 36 in a month. Amazingly enough, it basically took us 4 months with each of our kids - I was 31 with the first and 33 with the second. I did have a miscarriage before any of my kids and I got pregnant right off BC (didn't even have a period). I was 29 then.

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Old Apr 7th, 2017, 11:53 AM   39
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With my first pregnancy, which ended in a blighted ovum, it took about 5 months of trying. I have endometriosis, so my doctor was surprised that I managed to get pregnant so quickly.

With my second/current pregnancy, it took a little over a year of trying after I finally miscarried the first. We might have managed to get knocked up sooner if I had gone to my OB and been referred over to a reproductive endocrinologist at the 6 month mark like she recommended to us. I managed to spontaneously conceive while we were still in the diagnostic phases with the RE. I think it was his advice to cut out caffeine and engage in moderate exercise along with the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test that may have helped us along. The HSG test looks at your fallopian tubes and the dye they use can have the added side effect of clearing out any really minor junk in them.

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Old Apr 10th, 2017, 17:49 PM   40
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When I was 29 I conceived 1st month trying now I'm 36 and it took me 4 years and 3 clomid cycles with this one!

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