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Hehe just for fun .... Songs

I've been feeling very ill today but tonight couldn't sleep due to being kicked and generally moving (very active LO). Anyway back on track, every night to get bump to sleep or just settle I end up singing to him it's always the same songs -
- feed to birds (Mary poppins)
- hushabye mountain (chitty chitty bang bang)
- big iron by Marty Robbins (my mum sang it to us as wee'um and I still remember the words
- the gambler
-oh Johnny boy

Does anyone else do this? Wat songs do u sing? Do u use YouTube or remember the words

Ps: it's works on OH as well


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Sometimes I sing "Go to sleep my baby" to my LO, although at nearly 14 weeks, he can't hear me yet (some people would consider that an advantage, having heard me sing!).

I mainly do it to calm me rather than baby, when I'm feeling very sick. It reminds me why I'm going through this terrible morning sickness & to keep calm for baby.

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I tend to sing traditional nursery rhyme type songs! I've also tried playing classical music to him, but my bf hates it, so only when he's not around!

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