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Free baby name book with magazine

I wasnt going to let myself get sucked into buying any PG mags as I know they are just full of ads for things I would never had thought of, dont need etc however whilst browsing the mags in the supermarket this afternoon, I noticed one of them had a free baby names book. Sorry I cant rememeber the name of it as its in the car but as it was 2.80 and the book is quite a big one I couldnt resist getting it! So if your thinking of getting a baby name book, this seems like a good bet!
I will also post in the baby names forum.

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yeah pregnancy & birth i think it is. The baby names book is brill! i loveeee pg mags lol

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that book is where we've just come across our preferred name for a boy

my OH got all excited when i was flicking through and said "what about Jago - cornish for Jacob?" and now he's calling bump a he, lol (will giggle if baby turns out to be Tegan now!)

i've had another name book months back from one of the magazine's, but it was pretty shit, this one is actually quite good and really interesting as it's set out differently with loads of sections, nice to get a full book and not a sample!

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Yep, i buy all the pregnancy magazines, despite my hubby bemoaning the fact "it's all the same stuff in them", i love them. I try to hold off buying them so i can get them all together and have a baby mag frenzy, i can sit for hours reading them cover to cover. But more often than not i can't resist when i see an new issue is out. I got a free baby names book with one this month, can't remember which one but it's a really great book, very detailed with loads of different categories and themes to help pick a name. I've also taken to entering the competitions to win stuff, via txt, which is costing me a fortune

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I was going to get that magazine but i didnt know if they baby name book would be any good i saw it was quite thick i wish i got it now as my mums friend hasnt gave me hers to borrow yet and i havent got a name yet but i got a while i spose but i want to have a fave or a list i like

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