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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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What do you eat?

What's a typical day for you food wise? Did that change during pregnancy? Just being nosey

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Mum (Mom)
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The only thing that changes now that I'm pregnant is the timing of my meals. Normally, I do the 3 main meals plus maybe a snack at night. Now, I'm all mini-meals throughout the day - something small every 2 hours or so. This helps keep any sickness down to a minimum, as I've noticed my sickness kicks in if I haven't eaten in awhile.

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Yep same here...timings hav changed slightly otherwise what i eat has stayed pretty much the same....

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I eat more now that I'm pregnant, but not necessarily because I'm more hungry. Before I would always skip meals, but now I have to make a point to eat even if I'm not hungry. If I skip a meal now I feel really sick, but I still don't really feel hungry.

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I have no typical days! I have run into more healthy eating because my husband made some radical changes to his diet so I sort of fell in line.

Most days go like this:

Breakfast-Oatmeal or egg on toast
Lunch-Whatever garbage food I am craving
Dinner- Some gluten-free vegan food
Snacks- If lunch was borderline healthy (veggies or sandwiches) then I eat crappy snacks (chips/cookies etc). If lunch was a cheeseburger, then I eat healthy (veggies or fruit).

Usually by Friday of this schedule I have a hardcore craving for a slab of red meat. So Fridays we go out, and I get steak.

My diet has changed a lot, but not really through any kind of discipline. It's hard to keep meat/cheese/dairy in my house because it goes bad before I can eat it all by myself. So I eat those foods out and we just don't eat out much. Plus I want things that are terrible that I don't usually eat so much of (namely, fast food cheeseburgers!).

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Mrs HM
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I'm really boring and tend to eat the same breakfast and lunhc each day 0 cereal and sandwich. I do have different dishes for dinner but I usually make up a big portion of lasagne or curry and have it for a few nights in a row.

I put on lots of weight with my first pregnancy and I'm determined not to do that again.

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Old Oct 7th, 2013, 09:00 AM   7
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I haven't been able to hardly eat anything. No vomiting, but my nausea just makes everything sound AWFUL. I know that I need to eat more, but DH really has to force me. Today so far I've had a cinnamon raisin bagel with TONS of cream cheese (I normally hate cream cheese), and then after I get home from work this afternoon I'll probably make some super creamy mac and cheese.

I've actually lost 12 lbs in the past 2 weeks just because I haven't been eating. I talked to my doctor and she said it was fine since the baby will just get all of its nutrients from me, hence why I'm losing so much weight so quickly.

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Mum (Mom)
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it depends. i get days where i can't eat anything at all and end up going to bed hungry. then other days where i eat every hour haha. i eat a lot healthier now. which probably has more to do with living with my husband than because im pregnant. i used to have takeaways of some sort everyday. oops.

i usually have 2 pieces of toast for breakfast either with cheese under the grill or peanut butter. sometimes i'll have cereal but im picky about cereal so it depends on my mood. a piece of fruit for a snack or a small bowl of chips, between 2-6 more pieces of toast lol (bread has been my weakness this pregnancy) maybe a frozen pie or bowl of noodles if im really hungry by 4-5pm, i usually make my husband a slice or cupcakes etc for work so i'll sneak one of those each day, if im in the mood i'll make a salad sandwich, and then dinner at around 8pm - usually something involving meat and veges, oh and don't forget an ice block or bowl of ice cream for dessert.

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I am eating way more bread/carbs than usual, but trying to balance that out with fruit and veggies

What I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: Bagel with light cream cheese and tea
Snack: light yogart
Lunch: Lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich with applie slices
Snack: granola bar and grapes
Dinner: Steamed brocoli, corn with veggie lasagna

I drink a lot of water (or carbonated water) throughout the day. And yesterday I happend not to have a "treat" which is usually in the form of some kind of sugary carb. I craved carbs with my son too, so maybe I'm having another boy?

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befor i became pregnant i hardley ever use to eat, since i became pregnant ive started to eat 3 meals a day and a few snacks during the day.

and ive started to eat healthy...

eating more was pretty hard but had to for babys sake

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