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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Omg, YES!! I'm ~11 weeks and the past 2 weeks especially I've been soooo tired. Yawning all day at work, feeling just lazy and unmotivated when I get home. I've started taking naps after work as well -- not short ones, either! Usually like 2-3 hours. Some days I have more energy, but I am definitely feeling exhaustion on a level I didn't even feel when I worked a physically demanding job all day.

I've also been trying to force myself to exercise a bit which does help, but I've also been slacking at that because I just feel so tired. :P

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I'm right there with you ladies. Just into my 6th week and I don't sleep thru the nights anymore and I've never had a problem with that. The hormone are surely kicking my butt!

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tired , unbelievably

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