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Folic Acid Deficiency and anemia

Any one else here able to relate and give me some advice? I cant find anything about what im looking for

Okay so basically im Cherry i was diagnosed with folic acid deficiency a year ago. My level should have been at 13/14 at least and instead was 2.5 :/
However my b12 level is fine. hence the diagnosis of folic acid deficiency.

I was shoved on daily folic acid. but that didnt do any good.
I know your baby needs folic acid. but when i lack in it so bad im starting to panic
Im taking 2 tablets a day atm(maximum dosage i can safely take) to try and safely and quickly bring up my levels or at least pass on to the baby.

Has any one else got this and are there any extra precausions? xx

To top it off i am a carrier of beta thalassemia trait. An irregular haemoglobin. I have naturally low iron levels. At my highest they are 10.6
They dont tend to drop unless im pregnant. Then they drop stupidly low and due to the fact i cant intake iron and react badly to it. I have to have blood transfusions to help my iron level while pregnant.

ATM i feel like a failure. My iron was bad enough through the last too but now i have stupidly low folic acid levels i feel like im depriving my new baby of everything this bean needs to grow healthily

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Have you tried upping your natural sources of folic acid? You can eat as much folate in foods as you want without fear of overdose.

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