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AS much as there's fear about spores and stuff that Amygdala mentioned I'd rather have a gently used mattress, like what the OP will be getting, than a brand new off gassing mattress. When your behaviour is directed by fear you really do have to look at all angles of rational thought when it comes to what's more likely to make your baby sick. It's way more likely to be from more uneducated parenting errors like placing your baby on it's side or tummy to sleep, having the room too hot/too many blankets, having crib bumpers (ohh but they were so pretty!), and co-sleeping with your baby. Really stupid stuff like that. Enjoy your crib & mattress!

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Is it covered in plastic? My crib mattress is plastic coated and so i just give it a good wipe down whenever someone throws up/pees/poops/ etc.

I've also used the same mattress for all 3 of my babies, I don't think its a big deal.

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We have a plastic cover on my son's mattress. If you used that I don't see how it would be a problem.

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My babies have all used the same crib mattress. I bought it because it's covered in some non-toxic plastic-like coating that can be wiped down if wet. I also use a mattress protector over top, but I've used it without when baby has been sick on both of my mattress protectors. I always scrub the mattress down after each baby is done with it and again before each baby is ready to use it. Mine are well-used, but any moisture canNOT get through the waterproof barrier and into the mattress itself. Nothing can get out, either. If there was even a teeny little hole in the mattress or something, I'd take it back and get a new one.

I've purchased used bassinets in the past, wiped down the plastic-coated mattress, used a protective pad over it and then a sheet. No problems there, either. I donated them after each baby before finally buying a brand new one for my fourth-baby, which I'll be using again.

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