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Got my implant out mid/late march and had my BFP mid/late may.

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#1 which resulted in MC- 2 months
#2 My DD#1- 2 months
#3 My DD#2- not trying
#4 which resulted in MC- not trying
#5 My current pregnancy- immediately after miscarriage with no cycle in between

Anything up to a year is considered "normal" and not cause for concern. My advice? Relax and have fun with your partner before you dive into all the temping and OPK stuff. It adds an amount of stress that isnt necessary right away. I just always BDed every other day and kept my legs elevated for about twenty minutes after to make sure gravity did it's part.

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It took one attempt with this baby! We went on hoilday at the beginning of this month so we're going to wait until we got back to ttc but one time 4 days before I was due to ovulate we and forgot a condom and then on hoilday I got a I had only just stopped taking the pill in sept and only had one natural period!

We were shocked! It took us 4 months of proper trying to get pregnant with my son.

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Old Nov 17th, 2016, 11:33 AM   14
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Soo statistics wise it takes 80% of normal healthy couples 6 months to conceive, 90% in a year and 95% in two years. So it can take time and be completely normal and I think it's better to be prepared for that than believe it's going to happen straight away, but yes don't start trying till you're ready

Our first, about 4 cycles of ntnp.
This bean took 8 months, probably about 6 well timed cycles.
The cycle we conceived I ov'd the day after our anniversary so in my mind making it special helps

Good luck!

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Old Nov 18th, 2016, 06:33 AM   15
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dd1- 2 and a half years
dd2 - 3 months
ds - 4 months
for this one, we have being trying since June 2014, it's in my siggy.

Good luck xx

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Old Nov 21st, 2016, 10:01 AM   16
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3rd cycle, but sadly ended in MMC.

This one, 4th cycle after the ERPC. Looking back, that was no time at all but it felt like forever after losing the first one. I was very stressed and not coping very well so I'm surprised it happened at all.

Like the other ladies say, try to relax and enjoy it - I wish I could have done that. Good luck! x

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Old Nov 21st, 2016, 16:35 PM   17
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With my first (only so far) it took 4 cycles.

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Old Nov 21st, 2016, 19:08 PM   18
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4 months the first time ended in chemical and 1.5 months after I'm now right around 6 wks.

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Old Nov 22nd, 2016, 11:33 AM   19
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DS: the first month after coming off the pill.

This baby: within 6 weeks of having the implant being removed.

I'm not sure about the MCs as I wasn't planning. But yeah.. I fell pretty quickly.

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Old Nov 22nd, 2016, 23:32 PM   20
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Every one of my babies were oopsies

But to be fair, we tired for nearly 2 years with my second then gave up. Then.... Oopsie!!!!

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