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Following! First time mom here

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Originally Posted by sweetysangel8 View Post
Following! First time mom here

Congrats sweetyangel.

Thanks to everyone who has replied so far and I'll look out for any other hospital bag tips from you, if you think of anything else.

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A breast pump , my milk didn't come through and they tried to make me manually with my hands to get the milk out which was a disaster.

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With my first I packed way too much stuff. My doctor provided a list of all the things to pack, but it turns out the hospital supplied almost all of the stuff on the list.

The only things in my bags that I think were useful were:

Lots of pairs of big underwear that you would be ok with throwing out. The hospital supplied these disposable mesh underwear things, and while they were very comfortable, they were boy short style so the "wings" of the maternity pads couldn't actually fold around the underwear, so the pads leaked everywhere. The hospital supplied maternity pads and would also put some wet pads in the freezer for you so you could wear a "padsicle" which was awesome.

A couple of outfits for baby in two different sizes (newborn and 0-3 months). You can't really go wrong with these two sizes unless baby is early or especially tiny and you need preemie sizes. Even if the outfits are a bit big it doesn't matter, so long as they keep baby warm on the way home.

A nursing bra and breast pads. Nursing bras are handy because there is a little clip that allows you to expose one breast at a time. I didn't know exactly what size I would need once my milk came in so I bought a sleeper nursing bra to take to the hospital (meant to wear at nighttime) which are stretchy and more forgiving if the size isn't right, and then I went out and bought some more daytime/structured nursing bras after my milk came in and I knew what size I would need.

A comfy change of clothes to change into after baby was born (I didn't want to wear the hospital gown) and to go home in. Just some track pants and loose fitting tops.

My phone/ipad and chargers.


Snacks and drinks for when you are in labour. After baby was born I sent hubby out to get a huge lot of take away because I was starving and didn't want to eat the hospital food.

That's about it. The hospital provided diapers, wipes, diaper cream, pacifiers, maternity pads, towels, baby blanket and hat for baby, and anything else baby needed. If you needed formula and bottles the hospital would provide that as well. If your hubby is spending the night then you will need toiletries and a change of clothes for him. My OH stayed with us until about 10 pm and then he went to sleep at a friend's house who lives by the hospital. Our hospital allows partners to spend the night, but there is nowhere for them to sleep and I didn't want him to have to try to sleep sitting up a crappy plastic chair next to my bed so I sent him away.

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My first was 8lb 11 and no way would have fitted into newborn size, as it was a good inch too short. 0-3 was massive but Next 0-1 size fitted well for a couple of weeks or so. My second was 8lb 4 and started in newborn. So this time I'll take all three sizes and vests in 0-1 and 0-3. Plus a receiving blanket, a couple of muslins, a hat, car seat and warmer blanket and a few nappies.

For me, I'll take a very light nighty, a cotton gown (because I'm hoping for a water birth), the aforementioned big knickers, toiletries, snacks, dextrose-energy sweets and honey sticks for a quick boost if needed, a bottle of water, gaviscon (because I get horrible pregnancy heartburn and don't want to have to wait for antacids should I need them) and fresh clothes for the trip home.

Plus a changing pad to sit on in the car in case my waters break or have broken. And of course camera and phone charger.

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I'm just starting on planning my hospital BAGS also. After losing mucus plug at 30w with ds and being in hospital for 8hours I am not taking any chances this time

Last time (and will be the same this time) I had 3bags...

Baby bag
My bag
Dh bag

Our hospital doesnt provide anything so you must check what your hospital does/doesnt supply.

Baby bag.
Nappies (travel pack newborn has about 6nappies) wipes/cotton wool, newborn vest, hat, babygrow, socks and going home outfit. 2 Bottles, premade formula, muslins, blanket, dummy.

My bag,
Nightdress for labor, clean pjs for after, toiletries, snacks, slippers, thin dressing gown, hairbrush, my complection rescue. I had a shower before going to hospital (so my dh could shave certain parts) so clothes i went down in were clean on ready for coming back home, for this reason i also wore the sleep bra after showering so again was clean as changed into nightdress upon arrival to hospital.

Dh bag,
Snacks, drinks, lots n lots of change for vending machines, spare boxers n socks n tshirt, Chargers for phones.

We didnt bring in the carseat until it was time to leave as you always have a lot to deal with anyway (it was winter so we had huge coats also, this one is due in spring so i wont wear or take a coat this time)

I didnt eat anything in labor but dh ate a lot of it. Our hospital doesnt allow him to stay once back on the ward so he went home at 3.30am n came back at 9am. He did change his top after the labor and said he wants to take the same this time. However i have a proper weekend bag this time so will prob squeeze dh and my stuff together and have the babies changing bag so only have 2 for dh to lug around

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Yes forgot about change! You will need some for parking and tv and any snacks you might want! X

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Chargers for phone, laptop, tablet.
Nursing pillow (wayyyy more comfortable than using pillows)
Hard soled slippers
Fluffy socks
Your pillow
Take home outfit (I brought 2)
Ear plugs (I could hear my baby, but it drowned out the noises of the hospital)
Yoga pants to come home in
A wire-free nursing bra (to go home)
A sleep nursing bra (wore this the whole time in the hospital)
Pages from a baby book if you want the babies foot stamped

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I packed a lot of stuff I never used, so while you want to make sure you have everything you need, don't overdo it. There's usually not that much space in a hospital room so you don't want it taken up with luggage.

Here's my tips:

I only brought along one outfit for DD to go home in, the rest of the time in the hospital we just had her wrapped up in the swaddles and blankets the hospital provided. It was so much easier that way while we were still getting to grips with changing nappies and feedings, plus it meant we could do skin to skin very easily.

Lanolin cream for your nipples - start putting it on as soon as your little one is born! I didn't at first and then when the soreness started after about 3 days of breastfeeding I really regretted not using it sooner, I really think it would have helped.

Wire-free nursing bras are a must, at least at first. You might not end up wearing them much in the hospital, but once you leave you'll need them. Don't buy them until a few weeks before the birth though, as your size may change by then. The main reason for wearing them at first is to keep your nursing pads in place, which you'll probably need once your milk comes in. Not everyone leaks much, but it's best to be prepared. I liked the soft cotton washable ones, but you can get disposables with adhesive backing.

Definitely loose comfortable clothes/pyjamas with easy nursing access. Remember your stomach will still be quite big for a while after the birth.

Comfy underwear and a good supply of maternity pads. My hospital provided those but they were terrible frankly, so I used my own.

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Wow ladies this is all amazing stuff! So interesting to hear what everyone found they needed! Helps us first timers who would have bought half a dozen bags as though going on a 6 month trip

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