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Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
I'm only four months pregnant so I have a long time before Labour Day (!) but I'm thinking ahead to baby's clothes and what to bring to hospital in my pre-prepared hospital bag.

Main question is: what if I bring newborn baby-grow outfits and they're too big/small? I understand babies can vary, what if all the sizes of clothes I buy for babies first few days/weeks are fitting badly? It's not a big issue but kind of important if I have a baby I don't have an outfit for leaving hospital. What sizes should I get? Will newborn sizes generally suffice?

Also, I've heard it mentioned that special bras are recommended for breastfeeding. Is this necessary or can my normal bras be OK? I aim to breastfeed, so just thinking ahead.

Is there anything major you wish you'd thought to bring in your hospital bag that you didn't? Any recommendations appreciated. This is all new to me.

Sorry if these seem like silly questions!
I had an elective section so I knew I'd be in for a few days . Here's my list ;


Three pairs of lightweight pyjamas
Six pairs socks
Six pairs of high waist underwear
Three nursing bras
Moisturiser for very dry skin
Lip balm
Basic make up
Shampoo & conditioner
Good quality thick sanitary pads
Two pairs leggings as tummy will be pouchy
Comfortable tops that are easy for breastfeeding
My favourite snacks and drinks
My ipad / phone / charger
20 pound for shop emergencies and TV cards.


1 Packet of nappies and wipes
4 long sleeve vests
4 babygrows/ onesies
2 pairs scratch mitts
2 cardigans
2 blankets

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I'm in the US and had my baby 2 1/2 weeks ago. Honestly I barely touched much in my hospital bag. The hospital supplied everything needed for baby, everything needed for my postpartum needs, and the hospital supplied a special breastfeeding gown that I wore most of the time. Only things in my bag that I used was a going home out fit for baby and for me, outfits for newborn pictures, phone charger, and then regular health and beauty items (shampoo, toothbrush, etc).

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Great tips 👍

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I made the mistake of buying NB that when DS1 arrived, he was rolly, pudgy and NOTHING fit. We had a bit of the next size up so we had to use that. By 4 months he was in 9 month clothing.

Babies do come in all different shapes and sizes but I would suggest going and purchasing 0-3 months rather than newborn - at least you KNOW it will fit. And if it's too big then you can enjoy shopping the isles for NB.

Also, DS3 is a Spring baby so I didn't really worry about too much Winter wear for him. But my midwife said tiny babies have a hard time regulating their body temps that he would NEED Winter clothing. I think the rule was one woollen body suit, an over-top and a jacket or something of those sorts. And keep wrapped up in a blanket. I thought she was kidding until I picked him up around a week old (was a really warm day too) and his little arms were covered in goose pimples. Mittens and socks were a God send for me too. Mind you, over-heating can happen really, really easily so if you do dress baby warm at a warm time of the year, make sure you haven't over-dressed.

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I think some of this will vary greatly depending on whether you're in the U.S., or in the UK...I'm in the U.S., and here, most hospitals supply A LOT for baby, including diapers, wipes, onesies, a bulb suction (if necessary), small nursing bottles and formula (if you plan on using them, and not breastfeeding), receiving blankets, baby toiletries, etc. My hospital also provided a double electric breastpump (which I could later rent if I wanted to), to help stimulate my milk production.

Here are my suggestions:
Slipper socks with skid bottoms
A cozy bathrobe
2 or 3 nightgowns that button
Depends disposable adult underwear (you can slip out of them, toss them, and put a new pair on), or large maxi pads...sometimes hospitals do provide the pads, through.
Phone charger
Favorite water bottle or jug, as you'll want to drink and drink some more for nursing, if that's what you're planning to do!
Shower toiletries
Maternity leggings, sweatpants, or jeans (the front panel is cozy while you're post-partum, and if you have a c-section, you'll appreciate the high waist hugging your incision area)...
A top to go home in...
1 nursing bra

2 nb outfits (I preferred a zip footed sleeper with built-in scratch mittens), and perhaps 2 0-3 month outfits...
2 short-sleeved plain white onesies
2 sleep sacks or velcro swaddle wraps
Boppy or nursing pillow
1 or 2 cozy blankets (Note: I used a fleece or cozy blanket while doing skin-to-skin contact with my babies, as that is really the BEST way to keep baby's temp regulated!

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!!!
A change of comfy clothes (mine wore skid-bottom slipper socks too!!! LOL!
A shaving razor and other "man toiletries"....

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