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I would most certainly decline! This does not sound like any baby shower ive ever heard of/been to.

Mother picks guests and tells host. Host does all the work even asking other good friends/family to pitch in if needs be (thats what we all did for a friend last year we all just took nibbles to her mums house aswell as the gifts)
Its about the mum having a fun and relaxing time seeing friends and family and opening gifts, playing fun games. But no stress of hosting for the mum.

If they really were doing this shower for you then they should come together to pay/plan it. If there are to many people than they should ask YOU who is important to invite.

As you dont even want a shower I would just tell them no. I wouldn't be polite either, as a pregnant women I would just tell them its ridiculous to expect you to plan a party when pregnant (or pay for one) and shut it down.

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Old Jan 8th, 2017, 10:48 AM   12
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Yeah. No freaking way should you have to pay for your own baby shower! That's ridiculous! I'd rather have none at all! I had a similar experience when I was pregnant with my first - my friends were all still single or married without children or otherwise not interested. My mom threw us a very small shower, and a few people came (mostly family friends), and we had it in our living room and just put out some extra chairs. We had a sandwich tray, chips and salads, and a cake. That was it. I got lots of things that helped me start off as a parent, and it didn't cost anybody an arm and a leg. The money my mom would have spent on an extravagant party, she spent on getting my baby a car seat/pack n play/stroller/high chair set (cheap! and the best one I've owned!), a whole crib/dresser/changing table set (not cheap, but I've used it for all of my kids, and it's got tons of life left in it), lots of diapers and clothes...... and really everything we needed! It was amazing! And definitely worth not having some elaborate set-up!

You could get yourself everything you needed as opposed to hosting a giant party, too! Have a great rest of your pregnancy. Just tell these people they're nuts, and blame it on the hormones.

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I politely declined. I already feel SO MUCH better. Thanks everyone!

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