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5th pregnancy - caught just before or while on depo injection

I got my BFP yesterday afternoon. while i was getting changed and i must of knocked my boobs and they had started to leak. so i told oh and he said to get a test and see what happens after that for just incase.
we couldn't get a test until yesterday as chemist was shut. done the test and its come back that we are indeed expecting.
we're not too sure how far gone we are. before i had my first depo injection i've always had irregular periods i told the nurse before she gave it me and she seemed fine with that i havent had a period since i had the injection so just put it down to one of the side affects of the depo.

the next one i had was the last week of last month it was a community nurse who had done this time (original nurse was sick leave) told her that i've not had a period since my first injection and she said it was okay and that it was fine.

i've got an appointment on saturday to see the nurse at my local doctors so gonna see what she says and what happens next.
what i'm concerned about is are there any side affects from the depo to the baby?
will they referre me for an emergency scan to find out if everything is okay?

any advice is greatly recieved

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Congrats. I'm in the US so I know it's a little different here we don't get scans till the 6th week

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Congratulations! How far along are you usually when you start to leak? I don't leak until 20 weeks or so, and I've always felt movement before then - I think that'd be unmistakable for you if you were so far along. I am sure your practitioner is going to do blood work to determine your hcG levels and everything... and then you'll definitely need an ultrasound ASAP to date the pregnancy. I live in the US, and we can get ultrasounds right away with most practitioners. Since you need a dating ultrasound and have NO idea how far along you are, I think you should be able to get one soon, possibly depending on blood work results.

Pregnancy on Depo is sooo very rare that I don't think there's a "protocol" for it. It probably isn't studied during pregnancy, and it might be connected to prematurity or low birth weight, but most things are. Just watch for symptoms of premature labor, and eat well from now on.

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