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Have you had recurring GBS during your pregnancy and/or after?

I'm looking to see if anyone else has had a situation like I am having. I have two children. With my first child I was tested positive for GBS at my 36 week appointment. I received antibiotics during labor with no issues. My second pregnancy I was told I had GBS in my urine and needed to take antibiotics. Well, it wouldn't go away. I was on different antibiotics my whole pregnancy trying to get rid of this GBS UTI. I never had any symptoms of a UTI, it just showed up in my lab results. My concern is, I still have this "GBS UTI." My OB referred me to a Urologist which said that with the levels I have I am fine. My OB says if I still test positive for GBS next time we will do the antibiotics all over again. This makes me nervous. Does anyone else have elevated levels of GBS or recurring GBS with pregnancies? Being on that much antibiotics has definitely messed with me. The Dr.'s act like they haven't seen this before. Please let me know your GBS situation if it's different like mine!

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I was prone to UTIs for years prior to having kids. With my 1st pregnancy, I experienced the same as you, the UTIs kept showing up in my lab work though I was experiencing no symptoms. I took a few different rounds of antibiotics, and when it came time for the GBS test, they said "don't bother" you are GBS positive because of all your UTIs. I had the antibiotic drip during labour.

With my 2nd pregnancy, I was at a different hospital. No UTIs showed up in labs, and I tested negative for GBS in third tri. I suspect I was not even GBS positive with 1st baby and it would have showed up as so, had I actually taken the test.

I am hoping the same thing happens with this pregnancy, same hospital as 2nd baby.

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Yes, I'm a GBS carrier and get hormones during labor each time. It hasn't caused any problems and is very common.

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Me! Here's my thread from my last pregnancy:

recurring antibiotic resistant GBS

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