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Old Jan 16th, 2017, 21:17 PM   11
Pregnant (Expecting)
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This is probably our last pregnancy and I feel kind of sad and happy at the same time. My husband doesn't want the vasectomy and I don't want to take any permanent option so I probably are going to try some birth control.

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Old Jan 16th, 2017, 21:31 PM   12
Mum (Mom)
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I'm on my last pregnancy, and this is the first time I've been ok with that. Hubby said he only wanted one child before first pregnancy so each time I've felt like it could be my last, that thought upset me with DS1 and DS2 pregnancies but not this time.

I'm 41 now and definitely don't want to do the whole TTC thing again. I'm happy that our family will be complete. OH says he will have snip soon.

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Old Jan 16th, 2017, 22:07 PM   13
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This is our 5th child but my 3rd. But it will also be my 3rd Csection and the risks only go up each time. We actually thought we were done with our last daughter. Well, he did, but I never really felt at peace with no more. Than I accidentally fell pregnant in July last year and we were so happy. But I lost it. From there we talked and decided why the heck not. So we tried immediately and fell pregnant with this one. And this time I 100% feel done in my heart. I always thought I wanted boys too but when they told me this one is another girl I got such happy tears that I get to have another princess to raise. And it all just feels right. So right that I already signed the consent to have my tubes tied while I'm already opened up for my final Csection. I'm sad that it's the end but it's really only the beginning.

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Old Jan 16th, 2017, 22:31 PM   14
Mum (Mom)
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My DH doesn't want any more children after this one. I think I'd have a 3rd one if he was keen because I grew up in a big family (I'm one of 5!) but he isn't and I respect that. Our plan is for him to get the snip but not sure exactly when - we'll know if it's right I guess. I have found this pregnancy exhausting and don't really enjoy it so whilst it's tinged with sadness that this part of our lives is over, I'm also excited for starting our lives as a family of four and being able to have adventures that don't involve trailing tons of baby stuff everywhere!

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Old Jan 17th, 2017, 03:05 AM   15
Pregnant (Expecting)
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This is my last baby. It is my 4th and I don't want to go through pregnancy again after this. I am 36 now and feel like I am done. It's OH's first baby and I know he would be willing to have more, but I was done before we met and I agreed to have one more baby for him (I do want the baby too) but that was it, so it's not like he went into this not knowing and he is fine with it.

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Old Jan 18th, 2017, 11:07 AM   16
Pregnant (Expecting)
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I've just given birth to number 4, and she's definitely my last. My husband'a having the snip as soon as they can book him in. I actually don't feel sad, especially as I wasn't planning to have number 4, so she feels like a huge, unexpected bonus. She's an amazing surprise.
Also, I found the pregnancy hard emotionally as my anxiety worsened and focused on obsessing over still-birth to the point where I found it hard to picture a happy result. Plus, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 26 weeks and spent the last 3 months feeling starving and hardly able to eat properly. Also, the constant references by medical professionals regarding still-birth as a risk for uncontrolled blood sugars meant that this further increased my anxiety and made me feel super unhappy about eating and controlling my levels.
After giving birth to a healthy and crying baby girl, I don't think I could go through another pregnancy. I worried constantly about miscarriage from the moment I got my BFP, and found the whole thing really stressful.
I'm just so glad to have my family all safe and together, now I want to enjoy them without stress and worry xxxxx

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Old Jan 18th, 2017, 13:22 PM   17
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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This is our last baby. We originally only planned to have two but decided our family didn't feel complete and went for a third. i am trying my best to really take in and enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can.

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Old Jan 21st, 2017, 15:50 PM   18
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I am only just at the very start of my third pregnancy (and I am sooooo hoping it'll stick), but I am actually relieved this is my final baby. We've been trying for nearly two years and in that time we've had five early losses. It's been a heart-wrenching emotional rollercoaster and has dragged us to our lowest lows. Before all this started, I was dreading my last pregnancy, thinking I'd be so emotional about this time of my life ending. I was genuinely worried I would never be content after my third baby being born, always wanting more. But now? After all this agony? I am so looking forward to never having to worry about TTC again!

As I said, it's still early days for me and I'm still in that terrified limbo of will this or won't this stick. I may feel different later in the pregnancy, but for now, I am excited to be finishing the child-bearing years of my life. They have not been kind to me these past two years.

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Old Jan 22nd, 2017, 00:40 AM   19
Mum (Mom)
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This is my last pregnancy. I'm happy though. I'm excited to get my body back and have adventures with my kids as they grow older. Like Disney land and other stuff like that. I thought I would be sad, but pregnancy is hard on me, and so is recovery. I have had all c sections. I'll be getting my tubes tied during this c section.

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Old Jan 22nd, 2017, 18:55 PM   20
Pregnant (Expecting)
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It is a weird feeling, that's for sure. I love love love having tiny babies, and I love the little kid stage. But, I'm really glad to not be pregnant/nursing/potty training in about 4 years! I am sad that this is my last baby, but really looking forward to a new future.

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