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Depression and pregnancy

Sorry, but this might be a little long so that I can explain my situation...

Hi ladies, it's been a while since I've posted here but I've returned 8 weeks along with baby number two.

Although I'm doing a lot better physically so far than when I was pregnant with my daughter, mentally seems to be another issue.

At the end of last year, I was completely burnt out. Working full time, running my own business on the side, running around after my daughter and also home duties, I crashed. I was sleeping heaps, had no energy even for the things I loved. I even stopped looking after my daughter (my husband took that over 100% because I was so tired).

Well, currently I'm on holidays and nothing has changed. I'm struggling to sleep all night, I'm very irritable towards my daughter, I'm an athlete and I haven't trained since early November and generally, I'm just not caring about anything any more. Then, to add on to it all, my husband told me the pregnancy was my fault because I chose to go off contraception. Yes, I did, but I did it because he wanted a second child. He replied that he would've been happy with one spoilt little brat. Well I woke at 3am that morning and spent then next three hours silently crying.

I've been toying with the idea that I have depression. I've previously had it before along with anxiety, but that was 6 years ago. I logged onto a health/government website thing where you take a test and it said I was at high risk.

It did shock me, but it made sense. Thing is, I don't know what to do now. Do I see my doctor? Do I wait until my midwife/hospital appointment where they do a depression test? Can they actually do anything about it while pregnant?

I haven't told my husband yet because I believe he'll just shrug it off and I know my family definitely wouldn't take it seriously. I haven't got anyone to talk to about it so I'm feeling a bit lost about what I should be doing.

NOTE: please don't get the idea that this is an unwanted preganancy or that my husband it a bit of a dick, because it is wanted and my husband looks after me very well. Just needed to say that

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It does sound like you might have antenatal pregnancy, which is very common. They absolutely can do something about it during pregnancy, so do talk to your doctor about it. I had a similar experience this pregnancy with just having no energy and losing all interest in any activities I normally enjoyed. I was also incredibly irritable all the time. Finally one day my husband said something about me feeling depressed and at first I was going to deny it and then it finally clicked for me that maybe I was depressed. I looked online at the symptoms, and sure enough I had pretty much all of them and was also high risk when I took a test. For me, it wasn't severe and what helped was actually acknowledging that I was depressed, and talking to a friend about it. I opted not to talk to a dr about it because I personally didn't want to go on medications for it and I know I've been able to overcome depression before without it. However, if it had been more severe I would have told my dr. Thankfully just acknowledging it and talking about it with a friend helped me feel a bit better and helped me cut myself some slack as well. I remained very fatigued for the rest of my pregnancy (and still am), but I feel like I am finally coming out of my fog and becoming slightly more like myself. I hope that can happen for you too! Hugs!

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Depression an an imbalance, and it can pop up at any time. Your dr can give you a pill if you want, or you can research natural ways to combat this. I think if you're so bad off that you've stopped caring almost entirely, it might be time for the pill. I've been on one, and I was able to wean myself off as soon as I felt pretty normal again. It was still a struggle for a month after going off, but I felt like myself in no time. It's worth it to have your life back, and there are plenty that are safe during pregnancy. Best of luck to you!

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I think I get a bit like you explained. Irritated, tired, no joy and can't wait for pregnancy to be over even though we ttc for 8 months and I was so happy when I got BFP. I was like this last year when I was pregnant and as soon as I miscarried I was back to my normal self, it was like a fog lifted. It's like I'm lost when I'm pregnant. I do suffer HG so that adds to it but I definitely get anxious thinking omg I'm going to have to look after another child but once it's out I am so obsessed with the baby and like I said before I'm back to normal. I even get so panicked I think I just want this pregnancy to be over with I don't care anymore. I can't give you any advice because I know I don't want to go on meditation because once it's born or miscarry I'm myself within the day. But sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone and even if others don't say it they might be struggling too

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I think it would be worth it to talk to your doctor. I am a therapist and I have also experienced depression throughout my life. The sleep difficulties, irritability, and anhedonia (no interest in things) can be signs of depression. It is best to address it before it gets too bad. There are safe medications that a doctor could explain to you and/or there are effective talk therapy methods.

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