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I felt the same way before the birth of my first baby. I mean I'm a sucker for pain. I can't even stand needles so my biggest fear about labor was the IV and giving into an epidural if the pain became unbearable. When the time came, I was honestly surprised how much in control I was. It took 2 hours to push her out since she was a bigger baby, almost 9 lbs. It wasn't as horrid as I had thought. I wasn't given any meds and only felt the most pain the last hour or so of contractions - which flies by even though it sounds like a long time but the hospital staff will keep you busy - and the "ring of fire" when the largest part of the baby's head started coming out but by then it was already almost over. I ended up having two more children and am currently pregnant with my fourth so you can see that it wasn't as bad as people make it sound. Honestly I think the stories people told freaked me out more than when the day actually came. If you can't stand the pain, remember there is always the good ole epidural as a backup. It is there for a reason, to help women get through labor, so if you need it ask for it! Good luck, hun! Try to relax, let things happen as they will and you will be fine.

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Thankyou BabyGirl999. I am feeling better now.

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Hey! I haven't had a baby yet but I am finding hypnobirthing exercises to be very grounding. I have never been one to sit still and meditate but with the hypnobirthing program I have been able to relax and meditate every evening which is sooooo healthy for me and the baby!

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I'm pregnant with my first too. I have some of the same worries, but I just keep telling myself "it's only one day out of my life". All new parents are scared. Definitely take classes. Maybe even find a therapist to talk to. Women have been having babies for thousands of years. We're a strong gender. You can do this. : )

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Just know it's natural hun! Pretty much all women get some anxiety (some more than others of course) when they are playing the waiting game. It's a big relief when you are past it and looking at their cute little face! The first is always the scariest, sending you all my love

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