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21 Things Only Moms Who Have Been Pregnant in Winter Know

Pregnant in winter: #17. Apparently, 12 cups of hot cocoa a day is not what the…

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I haven't had to buy a winter coat.

Apparently my regular winter coat is so oversized it still fits comfortably over my bump. I mean, yes, it's awesome to be swaddled in a huge oversized coat. But maybe I should reconsider it's utility the rest of the time. Heh.

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I guess this only applies to women who are showing. I'm not there yet. lol

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#2 is all i've heard all winter long.

"It's only 62 in here. Go outside and then tell me its too cold. Gawd, put on another sweater!"
As i parade around in yoga capris and a tshirt, sockless.

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Most of that doesn't apply to me I actually prefer being pregnant in winter, I'm naturally warm and pregnancy sends me into melt mode I like it cold so I can go outside in a light jacket as apposed to summer where I get sweaty minutes after getting out of the shower.

hairy legs are a problem for being pregnant in summer surely? who wears shorts in winter?

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I've been heavily pregnant in the winter in both pregnancies and I loved it!

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