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Moving GP late in pregnancy

Hi guys,

Hopefully someone can help me with this. Has anyone moved GP fairly late in pregnancy (6+ months) in the UK? My issue is that I've moved and my old GP won't let me stay with them anymore because I'm out of the catchment area but I've already been given by MATB1 form by the midwife at my old GP.

So the question is, how does this affect my MATB1? Does it matter that the midwife who validated it practices at my old GP? Because I can't get a new one from my new midwife. But I've been told if details don't match up I won't get my maternity pay which is panicking me a bit.

Anyone had this experience before??

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Will your midwife team change? It shouldn't matter who your GP is as your mat b isn't so much connected to your GP as signed off by the midwife team and midwives carry wider catchments than GPs. I have no experience personally but working in the health policy field myself, I can't really see how it would matter. Maternity pay is handled by HMRC and they won't have access to your health records anyway so I can't see how they would even know who your GP is.

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