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Glad to have found this thread. My husband really doesn't want to know and I'm not sure I can wait. Glad to see everyone who has waited was happy they did.

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Originally Posted by SweetPea3200 View Post
I've only had one previous pregnancy but staying team green was amazing and we'll be doing it again this time. Once DS was born the doctor asked DH to announce the gender and it was a super nice moment I think if you don't have a preference then not finding out is the way to go! If you want one or the other then finding out early is a good idea in case you feel any disappointment you can deal with it before the LO is born
my husband wants a girl and had gender disappointment last time. But we think that having a newborn there will outwiegh the disapointment

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I am due any day with number 5 and it's the first time we haven't found out gender. There are pros and cons. Pros- I love the idea of a surprise. this is our last a d so it's my last opportunity to be surprised.
Cons- names were HARD. we still haven't decided on a middle name for either gender. I haven't been able to buy clothes. this hasn't bothered me much really though. I'll just get some things once baby is here.
As far as bonding goes I don't personally feel a difference.
I also have zero preference for the first time. If I had a preference I would have found out for sure.

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I'm trying to be Team Green too!! But DH definitely doesn't want to. He wants to be able to "plan." Which is a laugh because I do all the planning and buying anyway so his only "planning" would be readying his own mind. We already have one of each so to me this baby is a bonus and I don't care which one it is. I don't have any idea how I'll fare because I'm so NOSY! I want to know everything all the time! And I like to PLAN. A lot. But...I really want to have one that's a surprise. We already have names picked out for either anyways so that won't be an issue. My only challenge is to get DH onboard!

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We found out what we were having with our first two children and with this one (also our last one), I really don't want to! Like you said, it's the last chance to do it and yeah...I dunno, I just want our last one to be a surprise. DH is not really onboard with the idea but I am trying to convince him. He probably won't be able to make it to that ultrasound anyway because of work so I'll just say we don't want to know, lol!

My gut has always been right on the gender too and I feel like this one is a boy but shrug. We'll see. We also both want another boy so I don't want to find out we're having a girl and spend the rest of my pregnancy hearing comments from people about another girl and/or possibly dealing with a bit of gender disappointment.

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We're team green with #3, after finding out the gender with the other kids. We bought a bunch of gender neutral newborn clothes, and we have a girl name we both love, but we're struggling with a boy name. We're having our third planned c-section, too, and we can't wait to hear the gender after baby is pulled out! It's fun, and so far, we have no regrets!

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We did it with our third baby. We already had a boy and a girl, so honestly the gender really didn't matter at all to me. My husband was really concerned the whole time about not being able to prepare and not feeling like he was ready for anything. When I was in the hospital I sent him to the store to buy a few outfits to last us until we could get around to washing everything for baby. It really worked out fine.

I wanted to do it again this pregnancy, but we decided to find out. It's another girl, and I honestly have not done a single thing to prepare for her. . . .

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Both DH and I are wanting to stay team yellow . In fact we are going to have the Dr drop the screen so hubby can have first peek ! (Third csec!).

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We found out with our first but not with our second. I loved both experiences and I dont think you can go wrong either way.

With my first, I couldn't have waited to find out because I was too excited and wanted to plan. I felt really connected with him even before the gender scan but it was so nice to be able to call him by name and begin envisioning that life with him.

The second time we thought it was our last (minds are changing and we are feeling the pull for one more now) and wanted the chance at a surprise.It was really only hard for the week around the anatomy scan and otherwise didn't have any issues waiting.We had a bit of a traumatic birthing experience this time but what trumped all of the chaos that was happening was when the baby was born and my husband saying through broken tears "its' a boy! we have another boy!" That moment is so precious to me and if we have another, I think I will wait to find out again just to have the same type of experience.

The biggest con was getting clothes ready for baby. I have hand me downs for both genders so had two sets ready to put into drawers. However, actually finding time to so that after he was born proved difficult. It would have been nice to have all of that settled and done beforehand (though my LO grew so quick it really wouldn't have mattered...he was in 9 month clothes at 9 weeks old :/ ).

If you are a super planner, finding out may be your better option but if you are okay not having everything completely ready, I would definitely recommend waiting. There are so few true surprises in life and this is definitely one of them!

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We have one DD and decided not to find out with her, I actually really wanted to at the beginning but Hubby convinced me to keep it a surprise and I'm so glad he did! That "It's a girl!" moment is something so special and I would love to experience that again next time.

We didn't find it stressful not being able to pick out coloured pram or do the nursery etc, we just did most of it after she was born.

For names we had 3 boys names and 3 girls names and took 2 days to name her after she was born to make sure she suited it.

We're currently to WTT but have been discussing whether we will find out or not next time and the only reason we would is if DD was bothered about having one or the other, she doesn't seem to be though & so hopefully we can keep it a surprise.

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