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Talk to me about Gestational Diabetes

So I take my gestational diabetes 1-hour drink test in about a month. What happens if I am positive? What does it mean for Baby? And what does it mean for me? What do I have to do if I am categorized with gestational diabetes?

AND... I already have PCOS, which is almost like "Pre-diabetic" so am I more likely to have gestational diabetes if I already have PCOS? Any ladies with PCOS and gestational diabetes out there?

Thanks for the knowledge.

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From what I know, if you test positive for gestational diabetes, you are monitored more closely, with perhaps more scans if necessary, to check on baby and regulate baby's size. Sometimes a baby can be bigger as a result etc. Also depending on advice from your doctor and midwife, you will probably be given advice on food diet to follow etc.

That's all I know of, from having read into it myself. I was nervous I'd have gestational diabetes because my weight is slightly high and I have PCOS. I was told this puts me at a risk of testing positive, according to my midwife. A couple weeks ago, I had the glucose test at hospital and it was negative. So I can't give any more insight. But thought it was worth mentioning that even if you have PCOS, you still may not have GD.

As soon as I learned I might have gestational diabetes, back in first trimester, I did some threads here for info. Just in case I had it, (I was 100% that convinced I did) I straight away made some little changes to my diet that some people here advised here. Things like, granary bread instead of white, whole-wheat pasta instead of white, bran flake cereal instead of the more fun, sugary cereal etc. I did some diet alterations because I was so sure I'd have tested positive, but I still stick to the diet even now because I actually prefer it.

I'm sure others here will have more insight into what actually happens later on in pregnancy if you did test positive, but based on advice I was given, please don't worry or get nervous. Members who I chatted to here who had GD said their pregnancy, labour and baby was absolutely fine with no worries whatsoever. And you'd be monitored by a midwife and health care professional to make sure it stays that way

Good luck! And congrats on your pregnancy.

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I had GD and ended up on insulin twice a day as diet wasn't controlling it. TBH it was a tiny thing and didn't detract from my pregnancy at all. I had a healthy, happy 8lb 11oz little girl, I was induced at 37.5 weeks using a pessary and had a great labour. I've put the links to some previous threads about this topic, hopefully they'll be useful.

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