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How to tell Hubby of BFP

So I am at a loss of how to tell hubby that I tested this morning and got a BFP. We have two children already - a boy 2 and a half an a girl 18months. He is determined that he doesn't want anymore children while I have been telling him I want one more. Anyway I have been on the mini-pill and trying to convince him we should try for a third and sometimes he says yes but not yet and other times he is dead set no way. It depends on his mood. So it appears the mini-pill hasn't worked 100% and some of this may be due to the fact that I still breastfeed our little one at night which I know can reduce its effectiveness (so I now read!)

I am terrified of telling hubby because I am sure he will 1 be angry and 2 Im scared he will blame me and tell me I did this on purpose which is NOT true!

How do I break it to him?

Please help. Has anyone been here before?

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With my third she was 100% not planned and I tested because I was late on only 12 weeks after our DD2 was born. My OH did not want another baby and certainly not so soon. I was so scared to tell him so in the end I ended up blurring it out really quickly, he was shocked but he wasn't angry. He took a while to come round but once it had set in and we had scans etc he was fine.

Sit him down and just be honest with him, you didn't plan this even though you wanted another and so it's not your fault. Good luck x

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I'd just be honest and tell him you were really worried about telling him. Good luck!

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I was in this exact same position just 13 weeks ago. 2 girls already and dh dead set against having any more. I was also on the mini pill and nursing dd2. I had no idea I was pregnant, even went and had a mammogram done :/ (I also begged dh to have more kids) so when I tested positive I was so filled with fear and dread I didn't want to tell him! I actually ended up texting him and telling him he should stop and buy his favorite beer on the way home. When he got home he said he already knew what I was going to say and he wasn't mad at all much to my surprise. He has occasionally since jokingly said I did this on purpose or that I tricked him and it kills me because I would never do that to him and I certainly wouldn't have gone and gotten a mammogram if I'd thought there was any way I was pregnant. In the end we are both happy and excited about our third bundle on the way! But I feel for you! I was in this exact same position!!

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