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The Importance of Hydration During Pregnancy

Hydration during pregnancy is critical. But how do you up your hydration when you don't like water?

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I'm living on water in my infuser bottle with lemon and ginger in it, curbs my nausea a little and tastes better than plain water

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Ever since 7 weeks, I've absolutely had to have a water bottle with me at work. I don't last between breaks anymore. I forgot it one day last week and I was taking the long route every time I had to deliver freight to a department so I could go past the water fountain by the rear washrooms

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At 29 weeks with my son, I went in for my regular checkup on my lunch break. My dr put her hand on my stomach and asked me if I felt that. I asked, "felt what?!". She said she felt my stomach have a contraction. She immediately hooked me up for a non-stress test. And I was contracting consistently every 10 mins and they were getting stronger. I was rushed off to labor and delivery and by that time that contractions were about every 5mins and now pretty strong and I could most definitely feel them. They started talking steroids for his lungs and I was freaking out. They got the contractions stopped and it was finally determined on a scale of hydrated to dehydrated, I was so far off the chart dehydrated they couldn't believe it.

So yes, dehydration can most certainly cause you to go into labor. They explained that the body figures that the baby will have a better chance surviving outside the womb than in since the conditions inside are not optimal. So the body tries to get baby out.

I didn't feel dehydrated. I was drinking water. I was indoors, at work, behind a computer in my office and felt fine. So...ladies. DRINK WATER. I was drinking the normal 8 glasses of water a day since I thought that was what was needed. Apparently that was not correct. When pregnant, you need to drink more than that.

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I drink water, tea and sparkling water.. maybe with alittle juice added. Id never waste my money on bottled diet water with fake sugar added, especially during a pregnancy. Im surprised at the advertising on this post, esp by an admin. I thought selling things on BnB was against policy.

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