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Our family has dreamed of a child for many years.

n the clinic they told us that only ah joy and meaning! surrogate mother can help us. In our in the country it costs a lot, and we could not collect such amount of money in any way. Accidentally we got an article about Ukraine being one of the best countries for couples who dream about child and who need the help of a surrogate mother. This is a European country with very favorable legislation in this area, a high European level of medical clinics, and most important for us - the cost of such a program left no doubt in our choice. We read many good reviews about the agency called Parentage from Kiev. We went to Kiev and this was one of the best decisions in our lives. We were struck by how financially profitable for us was organized the whole program, everything is selected according to our capabilities. Despite the reasonable cost, the clinic was of a high standard, the doctors are professionals with a lot of experience. Payments for our surrogate mother were also clearly spelled out and never exceeded the agreed amounts. We wanted our mother, in addition to excellent health, had a higher education. Finding this was not difficult. Parentage has its own database of moms, where everyone can choose according to their wishes. Everything went great, and every day we remember the moment when we first saw our baby. We are very grateful to our mother, and we named our little girl in her honor - Anna. We are filled with happiness. To this day, we think our trip was fantastic. Thank you so much! To all parents who are looking for their surrogate mother, we recommend to go with Parentage and find your hippieness.

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