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PCOS, annovulatory, and soy iso success?

I am posting here as this is where I would likely find success stories. I tried soy isoflavones this month and I am now waiting to see if I ovulate. I have pcos and do not ovulate in my own. I have used femera to ovulate but have done it too much so we now have to do shots and IUI. So while i lose the weight to do thagt I thought I would give soy a go.

I would love to hear success stories of soy helping you get a bfp. Particularly if you don't ovulate on your own.

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I have PCOS and don't ovulate. I have a Clomid induced 2 year old (3rd month of trying) and currently pregnant with another Clomid baby after 1 month of trying! Good luck.

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I tried soy and it did make me ovulate the month I did use it.

I have also used Lydia Pinkham the first half of my cycle and ovulated every time with it.

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