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We are looking at 9 seater vans as unless you opt for a high roof 15+ seater there are no 12 seater options in the Uk ���� ☹️ I miss Toyota Hiace vans as lots of large families I grew up with had themand you could still park them easily , in our town most of the car parks have hight restrictions and the multi-storey would be unuseable if we had to go for a high roof option

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Originally Posted by blessedmomma View Post
Yay! Love this group!

We are due with number 9 pretty soon. Would love to have more. We just let God decide when and how many kids we have.

We currently drive a 15 passenger van for the last couple years. We grew out of our minivan and decided to get the biggest one we could find so we wouldn't have to upgrade any time soon.
That's amazing!! You are awesome mama!

Large families are (or, I suppose, were) very common where I live and my DH comes from a family of 9 kids. I personally come from a family of 5 kids.

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Not sure if combined families count, but as this will be both my partners and my third EACH, we will have a family of 5 kids, which isgoing to be a huge transition, as currently we do not even co-habitate, so essentially we will both be going from 2 kids each, to a house of 5, by the date I deliver.

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Don't really belong here just wanted to say Lynnette! I didn't know we were pregnant together again!

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Old Sep 4th, 2017, 13:30 PM   25
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Pregnant with 10th
We run 2 cars a 7 seater and 5 seater both drive x

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Old Sep 15th, 2017, 03:44 AM   26
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We are looking for a Honda Odyssey. Hubby is prepared to sell his mid-life crisis (1990 Mercedes Benz 300E) for something bigger even though I told him not to. He's wanted one for so long it seems unfair for him to part with it but that is his choice and I'm not going to argue it. We are just waiting for his cousin to find one to do a swap as he will make more money on the Merc than he will a minivan. I have a little '91 Ford Laser I LOVE because she's so much fun to drive and dirt cheap to fill up but our family of 5 isn't going to be a family of 5 much longer. And with baby #4 being ANOTHER boy, hubby has asked me if I will consider 1 more (maybe 2) more babies as he wants his little girl - as long as my GP gives me the go ahead that my body can still maintain a healthy pregnancy. I want to finish my Real Estate and get a year or 2 under my belt first so we haven't completely ruled it out. But this baby was meant to be our last. At the moment, he is but time will tell if he too will be a big brother.

The idea of the Odyssey was that with a 7 seater, the last seat would be for the family Husky (when we get one). It did start out as a joke with the 7 being a spare so we would need one more child. Now that joke is really not that funny. But I love hubby and want to give him his little girl so we shall see.

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