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Are you feeling any better yet? I started to get a BIT of energy for a few weeks at around 17 weeks along or so with this pregnancy... Until then, I made a list every day of 5 things I'd get done. It looked like: Unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, wipe counters, wipe down 1 bathroom, 1 load of laundry. With four kids (at the time, ages 5, 3, 2, baby), it was NOT easy, but if I didn't do laundry for more than 2 days, we'd have baskets of dirty laundry everywhere, and it would take days more to get it all done.

I agree. Once it's a mess, it's REALLY hard to get started again because it's overwhelming as anything!!!!!!!! I try to get myself started with a 10 minute timer, saying I'm just gonna do tidying up and putting things where they belong for 10 minutes. After the timer goes off, the house looks MUCH better, if not perfectly tidy, and I can BREATHE again. Right now, being so heavily pregnant, I'll do 10-15 minutes of tidying, then break for an hour! Then I'll do dishes all the way through. Then another hour break (playing with kids, reading to them, homeschool, nursing baby, etc). Then, I'll wipe down counters and scrub out the sinks. Then another long break. Then I'll quickly wipe down the powder room one time after I pee. Later, I'll sweep or vacuum, which HAS to get done every day or we get ants. Every other day, I'll do a quick mopping.

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Hiya that sounds like good tips. Its the basic that matter i agree. I feel better than them first 5 weeks but i still feel off here and there and fatigue is still causing a problem. If im having a good day and get a good amount done i seem to pay for it later. I bet you cant wait now for the new arrival. Its still a long way of for me. House is still upside down but i can get bits done. My bathroom is tomorrows goal. The heat is making things tricky too at the moment. Thank you for your reply. I think i had more energy back by 4 months last time. It doesnt look as though its coming yet though, just want to feel good now and enjoy planning
Our new arrival

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I've been writing myself a to do list every day with about 3 things on (I. E. Hoover, steam floors & do 1 load of laundry. Next day it'd be clean bathroom and do dusting/polishing etc etc). I've got HG and my partner has a chronic illness, plus we have a 3 year old running around, the place was disgusting IMO as I am usually a bit of a clean freak. It was really getting me down, and the longer I left it the more over whelmed I felt. Since I'm starting to feel a little more human now, I have found doing a couple of chores a day has made a massive difference. My partner has been wonderful and sorting the dishwasher out and doing most of the cooking as the kitchen still makes me heave, yay horrendous smell aversions!

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