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Maternity clothes- US

I'm pretty sure there is nowhere in my town that sells maternity clothes!

Where do you ladies shop in the US? Both online and in-store. I will be making a trip to motherhood maternity probably in two months when I go find out the gender.

I'm really thinking of leggings and tunic tops this time might be the way I go.

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You can try Target if you have one. I know they sell maternity clothes. I think they are a bit $$ for Target brand but they are pretty good and you can usually find some stuff on sale. But, I like to go online at Old Navy because they usually have a lot of sales and clearance items.

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Pink blush online has maternity clothes that can also work not pregnant. I bought some cute tops from them before my miscarriage and was able to wear them while TTC again. I look forward to wearing them pregnant again where my belly gets bigger in a couple months!

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Pinkblush and jcpenny online are the only places I've found with sizes that work for me. I'm large to begin with though so adding in a watermelon sized bump makes it very difficult.

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I don't live in the U.S. anymore, but I was back visiting when I was pregnant with my daughter and found that Pea in a Pod was fantastic for jeans and pants. I'm tall, so I found they had a lot of variety in different sizes and everything I got was so comfortable. I wore those jeans and also a pair of black work trousers I got there all through pregnancy and even after my daughter was born for about 6 months until I fit comfortably into my old clothes. They aren't cheap and I wouldn't buy all my clothes there, but for a few nice things that you need to last, I found the quality was worth the price.

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