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Any One Else Dealing With Pet Loss :(

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Anyone else dealing with a broken heart right now? I just had to put to sleep my darling dog on Friday due to Pancreatic Cancer. It came on very, very fast. She was in a lot of pain and I know in my head it was the right thing to do.

But, I just can't stop crying. My head knows all the right things:
1.) If we were going to lose her soon, it is good it happened before the baby so she had my complete undivided attention to the very end.
2.) We made the right call. Her condition was only going to worsen and she would suffer more.
3.) Even though we only had her for a year and half, we gave her the best possible life. And she was so, so happy.

But in my heart, I am just not there yet. I just see memories everywhere. In my kitchen (where she always sat and watched me cook), my car (where she always sat in the passenger seat), my bathroom (where she sat on the bathmat), my bed (where she slept).

I keep replaying things over and over again in mind. The happy memories. The very sad final ones.

This is my first dog loss, and I am sure being pregnant doesn't help with my emotions.

Anyone else dealing with a broken heart?

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Aw I'm sorry hun.

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I am sooooo sorry for your loss. I lost my pup (loved him just as much as I love my human babies!) when I was 24 weeks along with my first-born. It was so devastating. I just tried to keep my mind off of it for months because I'd cry every time I thought about it. Eventually, I was ready to cry and mourn completely. It's been 6 years, and my heart still breaks when I think of him, but I don't cry anymore, and I can smile about how much love we shared. Take your time. Mourn your way.

I'm glad your head knows the truth. You had to take her pain away, and her memories were full of the love you gave her. Sounds like such a lucky pup!!! You clearly gave her a very happy life!!! Don't feel guilty for feeling sad or for missing her.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It is so difficult to lose a part of your family. Animals are such great company and really fill an important spot in most homes.

It really is a struggle to come to terms with having to make that choice. We lost our cat on May 1st, exactly one week after I had a D&C. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. She was suffering and I know it was probably the right choice, but I still feel like I betrayed her.

Embrace that all of your feelings are normal and ok. Don't listen to anyone who minimizes the loss of a pet. The pain is real. The love was and is real. Like any loss, you'll never "get over it", but you'll find a new normal. We now have two new kittens, who we love, but I miss my beautiful girl everyday all the same.

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I'm so sorry hun. The loss of a pet is so heartbreaking

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I had to make the same decision when I was pregnant with my daughter. Our cat had just suddenly stopped eating and after numerous vet trips we found out that he an aggressive cancer and couldn't be helped. I was a mess. I'm pretty sure the hormones had something to do with how poorly I handled it. You will never get over it completely but in time it will become easier.

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We had 6 kittens arrive early hours of the morning 4 days ago. 1 stillborn, 1 runt and 4 very loud, noisy babies. Our stillborn shook me - we've never had a loss. The runt my heart when out to. His kept getting pushed out by his 4 bigger and stronger litter mates. So I took it upon my self to feed him 2 hourly and then to give him back to his mother for cleaning and warmth. And he seems to be doing amazing - until yesterday afternoon. He was just so cold and had been pushed out. Regular feedings but he just wouldn't take. Warmed him up on a hot water bottle with a little polarfleece blanket to bring him back to us but feeding was still difficult. He'd been eating eagerly the few days before so I couldn't understand it. But his mother we think may have laid on him accidentally and broken his rib cage which would not only explain his difficulty breathing, but why he wasn't eating properly and he was cold because he was too sore to make his way back to his litter mates. We lost him 10pm that night. My heart broke because I had spent 4 days fighting to keep him alive with food, warmth and love. I'd become so attached to him that hubby told me if he made it I could keep him. Was going to call him Leo because of the fight he put up for 3 days. But he just couldn't keep going after last night and I told my tiny baby that I didn't want him to fight for me or against the pain and that it was okay if he let go. Freya, his poor mother try to clean him and tapped him to wake him up. She was trying again this morning and crying for him. Since found out from hubby that Freya's reaction to her lost kitten is VERY unusual as they don't tend to acknowledge them if they are weak, sick or dying but she did. MIL took him today and buried him with his stillborn litter mate so neither of them are on their own or cold anymore. I know this is part of nature but nature can and is cruel. So I understand your loss. It doesn't make a difference how long we have had them. It still hurts more than anyone will ever understand. Thinking of you.

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