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Experience with very tilted uterus and not seeing a heartbeat right away?

Hi everyone, I'm just looking for any experiences in which anyone has had a 7 week ultrasound come up with no heartbeat, but everything turned out okay.... I have had two ultrasounds three days apart (where I do feel the Dr threw in the towel pretty quickly) and each time there was no hb detected. Every Dr and tech to ever examine or ultrasound me has mentioned I have a severely retroverted uterus, so I think maybe that could be a factor? I was feeling hopeless because my hcg didn't rise in 3.5 days, yet I've now read that it doesn't double as quickly after you reach 6000. Sunday night at 10pm my hcg was 38000 and Thursday at noon it was 68000 which makes my doubling time approx 100 hrs.

Any insight is helpful... I do have an ultrasound on Monday and given no hb is found in opting for a d &c following.

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Are they doing an abdominal ultrasound or vaginal? My dr couldn't find anything abdominalky so they did a vaginal one and found it at 6 weeks. Hope yours shows up

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