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Baby number three on the way!

Hello everyone, im new to these pregnancy boards but thought it would be fun to join and chat with other mommies in my same boat. Just found out after first day of trying for number three that I am infact Pregnant. Due date calc says im due Sept 2nd..any other mommies due in sept? I havnt told anyone yet so its nice to announce it to ppl

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I'm due August 30th ...So close to your EDD!

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Hiya my calculated due date is 2nd sept too! That's just one I did on Internet so dunno if it's right but thus is my 2nd and my 1st LO will be 18 months then so am a bit nervous about coping ok with 2 LO's!! Eeek how close are yrs all going to be? And many congratulation!!!

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Hello - congratulations to all

I am also pg with my 3rd, I have a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old already. No idea of EDD as I haven't had a period since Sept but I think I am probably 4-6 weeks.
We haven't told anyone yet (and it's driving me mad lol)

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