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How long can a baby stay in the womb?

So say you only had one ultrasound at 22 weeks and no early dating scan.. and extremely light bleeding at the beginning of January (possibly implantation bleeding) can the doctors and ultrasound be off on figuring out how far along the baby is. Maybe thinking the baby is 22 weeks when it's actually 26-27 weeks instead and them not being able to notice and they put your due date at October 14th instead of September 9th-23rd? How long can the baby survive in the womb after 42 weeks? If the ultrasound and doctor was wrong I'd be 42-43 weeks right now instead of 38...

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I was due ( like when my
Mom was preggie with me lol ) the last week in November and I was born December 20th

Back in the 80s..crappy scan machines and I was not planned and my Mom had bleeding first few months so they just let her go until she went into labor because they thought she didn't know when she got preggie but she was pretty sure...I was 9lb10.5oz 😂😂 but yeah She was bout 43-44 weeks I'd say before I popped out

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If your fundal height is on, I wouldn't worry about it.

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I agree with PP, if your fundal height is within range of what they're saying (not what you're thinking), I'd be more inclined to go with that..
Only going off what you're saying about your bleed (I'm assuming last proper bleed/period was December, and you had a light 2 day bleed in January I believe?), who knows when your due date could be.. as sounds like potentially your periods are irregular (correct me if I am wrong).

From experience, both personally and with close friends, I'd rarely go off when I bled last, and only go off ovulation date (if known/confirmed), or a dating scan done within the first 12-13 weeks when it's most accurate. I've got a close friend who had irregular periods, and with both pregnancies, she found out late in the first trimester (8 weeks with first, 11 weeks with second) - they only ever based her due date off the scans, as her bleeds/periods were too irregular to base due date off.

Certainly not trying to say you are wrong in your feelings of the due date being off, but it seems unlikely that you'd be that far off your due date without it being picked up - ie: measuring further ahead than they thought.

Are you getting reg check up's? I guess as long as baby is fine during monitoring, then either way, your Bub should arrive safely .

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I think it's highly unlikely for a pregnancy to last much beyond 42 weeks but in your other thread your fundal height measurement was consistent with you being 38 weeks. Just want to mention as well that admin usually shut down threads when you ask the same question on multiple boards

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