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Group B Strep in pregnancy & treatment?

Hiya everyone,
I'm interested to know if anyone knows anything about having GBS in pregnancy?
It was detected in my first pregnancy so was told I'd have intravenous antibiotics during labour but was told during my contractions from the head mw that I wouldn't be receiving it after all and had to practically beg it was in my maternity notes and I'd read what could possibly happen and didn't think it was worth the risk.
After a lot of nagging I did have the antibiotics given and my daughter was born all healthy smile
I'm now pregnant again (23 weeks) and have been told I won't get tested for GBS. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I am to still have it in my system will I be treated through labour or has policy changed?
Just a little anxious I'll have to beg for antibiotics again if I am to have it again.
Thanks in advance X

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GBS comes and goes naturally in every woman. One week you could have it the next you won't and if you're in the UK they don't routinely test you for that reason. You could get tested the week before labour then when you actually go into labour you don't actually test mpositive. I tested positive in my pregnancy at 30 something weeks. I had a labour so quick they didn't manage to get the antibiotics, so they routinely gave them to my daughter for 3 days and then the test came back negative and they stopped and we went home without finishing the course. I've since had two more children and I've not been tested either time, and there has been no problems. Hope that helps

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I had GBS with my third pregnancy so I was due to automatically be given them in my next one as a "routine". Like the pp said, once you have it, it comes and goes so they'd rather be safe than sorry. I will note that when I actually went into labour, it went so fast that I didn't get time for the entire bag of antibiotics to be pumped into me and thankfully all was fine with the baby. My midwife told me that as long as your waters haven't been broken too long (so hold off on that as long as possible if they don't go until after you get to the hospital) there is very little risk to deliver naturally with GBS.

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