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I haven't found out this time and didn't with my first two either. The funny thing is in every other aspect of my life I like to control (as much as I can) and plan but to me there is something really special about not finding out until he/she gets here.

We have chosen a boys name (nearly impossible after naming two already) and a girls name and I know with the other 2 when looking at them, the names fit. My other kids think Spiderman would be a good name for either gender

It'll go by so fast, you'll know soon enough!

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12 weeks we were told girl, 20 weeks got told possibly a boy but the cord was in the way so she couldn't be 100% sure so we decided to find out at birth. I had a scan at 28 weeks last week (GD) and although the sonographer knew we didn't want to know, he was wriggling that much that we got a quick potty shot. She moved the scanner pretty quickly but we saw it and she felt so bad! While we were leaning boy anyhow, we still wanted it to be a surprise. But hey, it wasn't her fault so what can you do? Just shop for onesies in universal colors until baby arrives then do a major shop for him/her. That's what we were going to do.

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