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Help plz

Ok so last night I took a dollar store pregnancy test which showed the dark pink line and a faint line as well right away. My sister in law suggested I go to the store and buy another test. So I bought a 2 pack of the Family dollar generic brand of the first response tests and took both tests. Both showed the same results right away and stayed that way for an hour. I put them in my purse and this morning when I took them out to show my fiancé the dollar store test still showed the same but the 2 family dollar tests no longer showed the faint lines in the PREGNANT window!!! Help what does this mean????

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The results are only good for the first hour or so after you take it. After that, the results in the window can change (the tests I took the line nearly disappeared from my positives and I know evap lines can happen on negatives). So whatever the result was when you first took it is correct.

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Yeah some of them fade quickly so you need to read them within the time fran wit says on box, ie 10 mins x

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The pregnancy tests I recall, as PP said, tell you to not to count anything that you see after the first 10 minutes. So if at the time you took the test, it showed that you are pregnant, then you probably are! Congrats!

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Mine have personally always stayed on. The brands I've used but I agree they are not supposed to be read after so long.

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Any update?

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