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Useless doctors feeling stressed results not back

8 days ago my midwife said my wee contained 2+ leukocytes. She gave me a red urgent tube and told me to bring it in the following day to be sent to the lab. I did it and my oh took it in. I phoned up Monday Tuesday and yesterday for the results at my Dr's surgery. They kept saying nothing was back. The receptionist then said ill call the lab as they should be back. The lab said they wouldn't fax my results without the midwives permission so my gp surgery couldn't get them. It was chased up this morning and I got a call from the receptionist. A Dr at my surgery wants an urgent and normal test repeating again.

I was abit irritated at this point and said I've got two weeks left it's already been over a week. If I need antibiotics then surely it needs sorting fast. I also pointed out it was now the weekend and therefore the earliest I can send them off would be Monday as the world stops at the weekend for alot of medical stuff. To top it off I feel absolutely rubbish even if I waddle to the shop around the corner.

For the past two weeks if I walk anywhere I get period pains and pelvis pain to the point where I can't do anything for hours after. I feel abit sickly some days too but I can't sleep due to a toddler in the bed and being uncomfortable. I don't have any burning etc just period pains. I presumed this was baby getting ready as he is on the brim of my pelvis.

Anyway I tried to call the local midwives and left them a message 3 hours ago. They haven't responded and they shut in ten mins!! I can't walk the half an hour to collect the tubes as it would be virtually impossible and there's nobody to take me. I have the midwife Thursday so to me I'll be getting checked then anyway which will be hopefully quicker than the results coming back again!! At least then if it's still showing she can chase it up and I'll tell her how long it's taken them and there still was no result!

I'm thinking they lost my sample or something as it seems odd that the receptionist said there was no result on the screen just to redo it a 3rd time. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm absolutely done it and exhausted and scared to go far and they want me to do an hours walk twice without explaining to me why the results are not there.

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ugh that sucks... I find the communication between the mw and gp to be poor. I had all my bloodwork done in June before I was pregnant and my mw requested it a few months later, multiple times, and they never sent it. So I had to do all my first tri bloodwork even though I had it all done a few months before. Frustrating. Hopefully nothing is wrong with the results or I would be really upset with how it was handled!!

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