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Please help//paternity question

Bare with me,
In July 2017, I fooled around with guy #1 just one time. It was nothing serious, he didnít even finish at all.
I had a normal period on August 7th, and another one on September 1st (normal from what I remember)
I had intercourse with guy #2 the whole month of September after my period. He finished inside of me every time.
I did not get a period in October 2017. I took a test, and it was positive. I had an ultrasound on October 31st and I was 8 weeks & 4 days. Counting back, that lands directly on the first day of my last period.
I think the father is guy #2, I just need a second opinion.
I am now 25 weeks, and my baby is measuring two weeks ahead. Is there any chance I could be further along then what my first ultrasound stated?

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I donít think thereís any chance of guy #1 being the father.

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After a certain point, Babies can measure really off. That’s why doctors date your pregnancy around 9w-12w. I agree that there is no way guy one is the father with two periods.

The weeks start from the day of you last period. So not knowing ovulation, you are 26w today. Which actually matches close to your measurements. Baby could just be off a few days or you ovulated not quite on day 14. It’s DEFINITELY guy 2

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If you conceived in July, the baby would be at approximately 35-38 weeks gestation, and you'd be due soon! I don't think the ultrasound dates could be that far off.

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I'm also pretty sure that guy one is not the father!