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Pregnant + A Toddler

Is there a specific forum for this? If so I couldnít find it, sorry.

I just recently found out Iím pregnant (yay!!) with our second planned child. My other baby is just a year old which will give me two under two once this LO is born. I always wanted babies close in age and Iím over the moon happy.

As of right now Iím just over 5 weeks with my first appointment set up in roughly 3 weeks time. I donít ďfeel pregnantĒ yet (although I have already gained 5-10lb in water weight which is less than ideal) but I am getting so excited planning out things like where this LO will sleep, do I want to find out the gender, should I have another baby shower so soon after my 1st etc.

Anyone else in the same boat? Iíd love to chat with you!

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I'm pregnant with our second boy and our first just turned two about a week and a half ago. We're also super excited that they'll be close in age (about 2 years and 3 months apart, depending on when the baby comes).

We weren't going to find out the gender, but I made the mistake of looking online at the blood test results I had done around 10 weeks, and it was front and center. In my defense, they had not posted the gender when I had the blood test done with our first, so I didn't know. But it all worked out for the best, because now we know we can just reuse all the clothes we already have!

We currently live with my parents and while our oldest has his own room, the baby will have to stay with us until they can share. We're thinking that it'll probably happen around when the baby is 1 year old, unless we can move out soon of course lol.

We are not having another baby shower, especially since they are the same gender. When I get a little bit further along, we're just going to have a nice dinner to celebrate the baby and invite the rest of the family to join us.

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