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Should I call my dr again?? TMI pic I am desperate for advice though!

So on Monday after work I had this weird "spotting?" I went to the ER and got diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage but the dr also said for being almost 13 weeks, my baby measuring ahead, and having a strong heartbeat that the odds are in my favor. The more I look at this picture the more it concerns me. I think it looks infectiony lol. Its like a yellow/light brown/hint of green. I only had it that once. I had another odd colored spotting incident at 8 weeks but it was a little less than this? I have a home doppler and today & yesterday had a heartbeat. Am I in the clear possibly? They did pee at the drs and I had a high level of mucus in my urine & squamous epithelial. However, they said nothing. They wanted me to follow up w my OB who said if im not having any more complications she doesnt need to see me. I am fine with that but still want to go back for another pee sample? I would rather it be a UTI or infection than a threatened miscarriage. Do you think its worth a shot? Does this look like spotting? Can I chill about miscarriage?

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